Tamara Rosenfeld

Tamara is best known for her work in the TV documentary world. She is Supervising Producer of the Netflix original series ‘Street Food’. Tamara is Producer (Director) on four of the episodes of ‘Street Food’ (Osaka, Japan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Chiayi, Taiwan, and Seoul, Korea). And she has Story Produced 3 episodes of Netflix’s Emmy nominated series Chef’s Table.

She directed the ice climbing episode (‘Ice Breakers’) from the daytime Emmy winning series ‘Wonder Women’.

Tamara has Produced and Directed many documentaries for brands including Coca-Cola, Toyota Mobility Foundation & Unilever. She has also directed numerous commercials for major brands including Tropicana, AT&T, Unilever, Jameson, Chevrolet, and nonprofit Akshaya Patra, among others.

Tamara has traveled to the tops of mountains and into some of the most dangerous places on our planet to document incredible peoples’ stories. She has filmed in 23 countries, and in 17 different languages. Despite the language barriers she is able to connect with her subjects and convey their stories for all to empathize and enjoy.

Her documentary feature film, Equal Playing Field was filmed on top of Mount Kilimanjaro where women from around the globe played the highest soccer match ever played. Set to release at the end of 2019.

Tamara hails from Marin County and graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in Film Production from the School of Cinematic Arts. Since long before film school her vision has been to make movies and TV shows that impact and inspire the world.